• Aquatic Nature

    Aquatic Nature

    Since its conception in 1989, Aquatic Nature has acquired a strong reputation as a specialist in the field of fresh and marine water. Thanks to a constant focus on research and developement, Aquatic Nature has succeeded in sidestepping the well worn paths of aquaristic.

  • Autoaqua


    AutoAqua, one of the outstanding intelligent aquarium providers in the world, aims to design and manufacture small, safe and smart automatic aquarium products. To realize aquarists’ dreams, we also develop an aquarium interactive system based on WiFi connection, which enables aquarists enjoy an easy aquarium life with enormous fun.

  • Elos


    It's hard to imagine an aquarium, without thinking about ELOS. Today, after more than 20 years as producers, ELOS is been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer, of aquarium products.

  • Flipper


    From our signature Flipper Cleaner that keeps your tank clean and your hands dry, to our DeepSee Viewer and Platinum Scraper, we’re here to make your hobby easier and more rewarding.

  • Fritz Aquatics

    Fritz Aquatics

    Fritz Aquatics products are used by zoos, public aquarium exhibits, aquaculture professionals and home aquarium hobbyists. Our aquarium products have been trusted by hobbyists and professionals for over 30 years.

    We are one of the leading water quality product manufacturers in America. As proven in an independent university study, Fritz aquarium maintenance products are superior to any others on the marketplace and are used in major marine establishments across the nation.

  • Giesemann
  • Manaus aquarium

    Manaus aquarium

    Manaus Aquarium is the main and most important German manufacturer of treatments for water and ornamental fish.

  • New Life Spectrum

    New Life Spectrum

    New Life Spectrum® led the revolution in making premium balanced fish feeds in the 1990s. Since then they have tried to copy us, but they have never caught up with us. Find out the details behind what makes it one of the best foods you can offer your fish.

  • Nuestros Discos

    Nuestros Discos

    Discusland is the first and only ornamental aquaculture company recognized and registered in Spain.

    Discusland is committed to the breeding of high quality discus fish and to the environment, for this in 2020 we made the environmental impact statement.

  • Triton


    Our Mission Statement

    TRITON continues to lead the aquarium biochemistry industry and knowledge based husbandry using information derived from scientific work and the most modern technology. TRITON combines this with years of reef keeping expertise to provide aquarists with the easiest and most successful way to maintain a reef aquarium.

  • Vimi


    Vimi is a leading brand in products and fertilizers for aquatic plants.