Aquatic Nature

Since its conception in 1989, Aquatic Nature has acquired a strong reputation as a specialist in the field of fresh and marine water. Thanks to a constant focus on research and developement, Aquatic Nature has succeeded in sidestepping the well worn paths of aquaristic.

With innovative and scientifically substantiated products sold in many countries, Aquatic Nature has helped many demanding aquarist in realising their dream aquariu

m. The product range consists of unique food formulas (specific for every type of fish), plant fertilization and soil for fast and slow growing plants, supplemented with a complete line of CO2 equipment.

Decorating your aquarium becomes a creative and artistic experience, thanks to our ‘natural beauty’ decorations and the multi-coloured ‘dekoline’ quartz.

In using our advanced filter materials and water treatment products, even the smallest compact aquaria biotopes can be kept in a biological balance.

The energy saving lighting systems from Aquatic Nature can easily be adapted to the needs of plants and fish, in brightness aswel as in temperature color. With the latest in LED technology, the aquarium can be lit during the night with 'Moonlight'.

Our aquaria need very little maintenance and, due to it's modern look, it can be integrated as an design object into every living room. The Aquatic Nature concept has a young and educational character, where learning and enjoying go hand in hand.

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