Founded in 2003 by a multidisciplinary group of Marine Scientists and Engineers. It is a pioneer in ornamental aquaculture at a national level with modern facilities for breeding the king of aquariums, the discus fish. As a company we have evolved to become a benchmark in the world of aquarium and aquarium, covering today the entire state market, as well as Portugal and South of France.

We have all the documentation to carry out our activity in order. Our Zoo Nucleus number is N.Z.-205 BI.

In 2007 we received the Gaztempresa Award for the most innovative company in the Basque Country.

Today Discusland not only covers the breeding of ornamental fish of great economic value and the distribution of top brands, but also manufactures its own products working side by side with different universities and technology centers for the research and development of new products and markets. . We also advise, design and assemble large aquariums, both public and private.


- Gaztempresa Award 2007 for the most innovative company.

- Pioneer company in the creation of facilities dedicated exclusively to the breeding of discus fish.

- Manage to distribute in Spain leading brands that no one has ever sold before.

- Enhance knowledge of Aquarium / Aquarium with the creation of specialized courses.

- To continue being a leading, friendly, close, competent and modern company dedicated to serving our clients.