The company's activity currently focuses on:

· Breeding of the Disco fish Symphysodon discus. Fish that is one of the largest national and international markets in ornamental aquaculture. The only national company in the sector.

Our facilities and production.


89 breeding tanks

120 fattening tanks for fry.

The production today is more than 500 discs ready for sale per month. We have not yet met the demand for the disc that we have, so we have to import. The forecast is to reach 1,000 fry a month by the end of the year. For this we are mounting an expansion of our facilities at the moment.

Pair making area:

600-liter tanks necessary for the proper maintenance and development of your social activity.

The sales area:

Tanks of 300 and 500 liters where the fish destined for sale are.

External 1,000-liter isothermal tanks intended to quarantine fish imported from other Hatcherys.

Water treatment plant